Internationally recognized, the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) is the only university association actively present across the Americas. Its objective is to encourage higher education institutions and affiliated partner organizations from both North and South to participate in a common collaborative space that promotes dialogue, reflection, and action regarding the current reality of higher education and its future potential. Through its leadership, practical expertise, training programs, and inter-American and intercultural activities, the IOHE is dedicated to providing a diverse range of experts with the means to implement innovative best practice strategies to confront future sectoral challenges and contribute effectively to the advancement of higher education.

With almost 40 years of experience in navigating the trends and tribulations of this evolving field, this inter-American academic network has proven to be an essential benchmark within the higher education community throughout the Americas, all the while ensuring that the best interest of its members are maintained. 

Representing an extensive community of over 350 members across the hemisphere in different 28 countries, the IOHE aims to serve all key-players and professionals within the domain of higher education, be they national, regional or international. Our membership includes all levels of academic and university personnel as well as  associated partners from state and civil governments, private and philanthropic sectors, and a wide range of international organizations.