IOHE strives to position itself as a forerunner in promoting and implementing innovative strategies throughout the Americas and worldwide. In order to support its members as they attain their objectives in terms of quality, accreditation, and social impact, IOHE encourages the implementation of mechanisms that stimulate the development of innovation within Higher Education Institutions through a number of initiatives:

1. Promoting the creation of a common space of convergence among the key actors in higher education, public, private, and civil-society sectors of the Americas, on areas inquiry and action related to innovation i.e. :

  • Creating an Inter-American Platform for Technology Parks, with priority representation in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.
  • Developing an Inter-American Platform for Centres of Excellence for Innovation, Science and Technology.
  • Founding an Inter-American Platform for Technology Transfer Offices and Nuclei of Technological Innovation (NIT/OTT).
  • Creating an Inter-American Platform for Assessment in Innovation related to inclusion, training, and the mobilization of international experts in the assessment of innovation projects.
  • Supporting its subsidiary program, CAMPUS, in its two recent initiatives
  • Building a platform for Innovative Pedagogical Models 

2. Fostering connection among research and innovation systems in countries across Americas in order to develop collaborative programs that are relevant and beneficial to society.

In order to take effective and appropriate action, the IOHE collaborates with various partners from the education sector, the government, and the private and philanthropic sector to assess the needs and priorities for innovation in higher education.