• Our fundamental basis is the INFOACES project, for which we have developed gages to recognize the differences and similarities in higher education indicators, their evolution, trajectory, and impact, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, all in relation to regional HEIs.


  • Recognize the multifarious elements and characteristics of HEIs that form part of the IOHE.
  • Create and implement an information system to manage the quality of IOHE HEIs
  • Offer free webinars illustrating indicators, internationalization, and usage of the INFOACES Higher Education indicators tool.
  • Promote adequate, precise, and quality information about HEIs, i.e. in accordance with university profiles.


  • Contribute to the institutional development of the IOHE.
  • Promote academic collaborations between member higher education institutions of the IOHE.
  • Establish a system of indicators comprising all the necessary information—to identify similar profiles among IOHE universities.
  • The HEI will be able to have stronger and enhanced judgment criteria so as to take better informed decisions.
  • HEI members of the IOHE will be able to recognize the complexity of systems and institutions and gain confidence and transparency in society.

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