The Space for Women Leaders from Higher Education Institutions in the Americas (EMULIES) is a platform for academic exchange and skills development of university management while acting as a forum for female leaders from Higher Education Institutions in the Americas to collaborate. It aims to strengthen leadership in higher education decision-making.


  • Provides the training program “Gender and Leadership in Higher Education Diploma”, which is taught online over the course of 180 hours, aims to support the development of skills and maximize the potential of women leaders in the field, so that they may enter management roles within HEI. In addition, it aims to foster institutional skills that promote inclusive and socially responsible university management.
  • Offers a space for women in management positions in HE to exchange information and experiences by means of EMULIES Meetings. 
  • Opens dialogue with international entities and associations to promote women leadership in higher education (UN-Women, the China Education Association for International Exchange - CEAIE, the Federation of Women Leaders of China, and the World Women University Presidents Forum -WWUPF).


  • Participate in a group of peers for women leaders that promote gender equity and inclusive university management in the Americas.
  • Access high-level training programs to develop and implement institutional strategies that promote gender equality in higher education.
  • Participate in innovative initiatives to encourage women leadership in higher education (research, exchange and best practices).
  • Access a directory of female leaders in Higher Education throughout the Americas.

For further information, please send an email to: [email protected].