• Strategic axis in higher education that offers IOHE members a doctoral training and research virtual space to provide information about statistics, publications, news, convocations, grants, events, initiatives, as well as other information related to doctoral training, research and innovation. In addition, it will facilitate coordination and collaboration among interested groups and people.
  • Aims to create collaborative links between IOHE client provider universities regarding doctoral training and research, meetings, workshops, conferences, missions, etc.
  • Provides a virtual space to share information about doctorate programs and research.

  • Soon, this axis will become an observatory for research doctoral training where statistics, publications, news, announcements, scholarships, events, initiatives and other information related to the subject will be made available, and allow for coordination and collaboration between interestedgroups and individuals.


  • Manage doctoral missions at flagship universities in the Americas.
  • Manage local, national and international meetings about doctoral training and research— with IOHE client and provider universities.
  • Establish an online bank of doctoral offers from member institutions of the IOHE.


  • Contribute to the DOC-CAMPUS virtual platform.
  • Participate in meetings and workshops on doctoral training, research and innovation.
  • Form part of doctoral missions – with the objective of creating alliances among universities under the themes of doctoral training and research.
  • Periodically receive updated information regarding doctoral training, research and innovation from across the Americas.

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