Assistance for the development and implementation of strategies in Internationalization of Higher Education is a program that provides higher education institutions (HEI) with technical assistance and guidance for the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of internationalization strategies of higher education.


  • Diagnosis of state and internationalization process within the institution  
  • Development and/or the enhancement of a strategic plan for an effective, internationalization strategy based on: planning and strategic management, development of student mobility strategies, internationalization of curriculum, visibility of academic practices, research and international cooperation, and seeking opportunities with external funding
  • Monitor and support the implementation of a strategic internationalization plan
  • Support the development of strategic alliances with other higher education institutions on the continent and the inclusion of communities of knowledge and of practice that prop up the viability of the institution’s internationalization plan and that generates new initiatives and activities
  • Development of an institutional strategy for internationalization based on good practices
  • Increase and/or consolidate a network of contacts and regional alliances with peers and with other institutions or associations for mobility and academic exchanges
  • Possibility of customized and as needed training on strategic topics for developing the institution’s internationalization plan, such as: Management of research projects or international cooperation, Internal or External Communications Management, Accreditation and Evaluation, internationalization and interculturalism, mobility strategies, curriculum internationalization, and internal structuring of the internationalization process  


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The College of the Americas (COLAM) is a space for interuniversity cooperation, working towards academic networks, developing training capacities, research and innovation in the Inter-American, cross-disciplinary, intercultural perspective that responds to the needs of higher education institutions (HEI) and of national and regional societies.