The Advanced Diploma in the Internationalization of Higher Education (DIES) is a professional development program of 18 weeks. It offers a panorama of advances in internationalization and current implications, covering basic concepts in strategic planning and management to develop actions that strengthen university activities in internationalization and enhance the experience of each individual participant. DIES offers various scenarios for practicum, promotes networking and collaborative work among participants, and reinforces the importance of knowledge networks in the field of higher education internationalization.

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  • Up-to-date professional development program presented online.
  • Access to a virtual community of knowledge and experience related to the internationalization of higher education.


  • Professional skills development for university managers implicated in the internationalization of Higher Education Institutions.
  • Networking with Internationalization Managers from the entire region.
  • Access to an online platform that offers knowledge, expertise, and networking with a large reservoir of professionals in the field of internationalization.