• This is the principle strategic axis of CAMPUS, a subsidiary IOHE program that proposes a work agenda rooted in the academic diversity of tertiary education in each region.
  • It generates a common inter-American space in the form of a network for HE institutions to exchage experiences, best practices, and success stories based in leadership initiatives.
  • It facilitates learning in higher education via social change while providing students with a new vision, namely a humanistic model of learning.
  • In short, SOCIAL-CAMPUS gathers, shares and promotes an offering of ethical values for the academic community across the Americas.


  • This strategic axis proposes to create a common space for social commitment that require the development of crucial tools such as:
    • - A virtual platform to establish trends, experiences, successful case studies, research and programs, which are carried out at various higher education institutions.
    • - Virtual Repository
    • - Collection of publications related to the core themes vital to this initiative.


  • From the 17th-18th June, 2013, the First SOCIAL-CAMPUS Meeting was held at the University of Costa Rica, i.e. with the objective of discussing various proposals and initiatives that are being developed around the themes of inclusion and social equity at universities in the Americas, so as to establish linkages and collaborations among higher education institutions.
  • The Second SOCIAL-CAMPUS Meeting took place at the Université de Québec à Montréal in April 2014, in Montreal, Canada.

To find out more, visit the CAMPUS website.